Relationship Revolution

We are in need of a Relationship Revolution on the planet! This revolution starts with emotional awareness of self. Lots more to come from me on this subject. Stand by!  

Hold Me Tight Seattle

A Weekend for Couples Who Want to Strengthen and Deepen Their Relationship, Connection and Intimacy October 18–20, 2013 The Westin Hotel, Downtown Seattle Space is Limited. Details at: Hold Me Tight Seattle

When helping hurts

Many of the couples I work with bring in troubles produced by parenting style. Here is a very well written article that speaks to the potential effects of “over-parenting.” from=opinion...

“I felt like a real person!”

After five and a half decades of swallowing feelings of hurt, rejection, sadness,  a break through moment into becoming the woman she has always known was missing was deeply felt as the wife of a couple I have been working with was able to tell her husband, “I...

Helping our loved ones – Helping ourselves!

I recently studied with Bessel van der Kolk, M.D., a leading clinician and researcher on Trauma/PTSD and chronic relational trauma, to which many of us are exposed in childhood. A core takeaway: help your friends, family and loved ones “calm down” with...