My thought on blogging is to not to write long entries that demonstrate my wisdom as an EFT Couples and Individual Therapist, but to offer, on occasion, some of the simple and profund truths that emerge during key change moment as I work with couples and individuals. Here is one;

A few days ago a wife who came into therapy as a member of a couple that had developed a very volatile fearful cycle, over the course of their 18 years together, turned and said to her husband, “Ya know I have realized that before I check to see how you are doing, that I should actually be checking with myself. I should be asking myself, “how I am doing?” Yeah…I get it. I’ve been scared to share with you my own anxiety, so instead I check to see how you are doing in an attempt to calm us, calm myself down.  Now I know that checking with you has often put you on the defense.”

Creating the safety for a couple to share what has previously been too dicy to share is a core goal of EFT.

I’ll have more on simple change moments in Emotion Focused Therapy in a week or so….whenever a simple and powerful one emerges I’ll try and share it.

I also try and offer them on my FaceBook Professional Page. You can find that page here:




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