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At this time, not currently accepting new clients
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If you are not an existing client or colleague, please know that I will not be accepting any new clients and am not keeping a waitlist.

So if you are not an existing client or colleague:

Please check for a list of EFT trained couples therapists, or consider attending our EFT couples workshop Hold Me Tight Seattle.

You can find more information about our couples workshops based on the work of Dr. Sue Johnson and over 30 years of EFT research here:

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1800 Westlake Ave N Suite 303
Seattle, WA 98109
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3 Rules for Healthy Happy Relationships: A-B-S

The A-B-S method is a simple 3 rule system for a healthy, happy relationship where partners feel safe, heard, and supported. It just takes having a keen interest in your partner and following these 3 simple rules. 1) Affirm, Affirm, Affirm! Affirm all emotion by...

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The Gift of Fathering…..

The Gift of Fathering…..

What I have come to realize after a decade of practice, as a psychotherapist, is that the fundamental skills needed to be a solid father are not that different from the skills needed to be a good therapist. Learning how to raise up “good men,” and learning how to...

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Love Listens

Love listens, it has no need to control It does not fix It listens with patience, with compassion, with curiosity, strength and courage It knows its own limits and knows when to hold, it holds, and let’s be...  Love listens and knows that taking control steals from...

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“No Sound, No Fury, No Relationship.”
– Laura Pritchard

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