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“Joseph is an excellent listener, gentle, empathetic and insightful. He’s gotten a grasp of my complex situation rapidly. He is helping me experience things in a different way for the first time and is great about taking feedback. We have built a lot of trust in a short time — I look forward to working with him further and see great potential!”

” I have been with Joseph for over 2 years. He helped my husband and I navigate from marriage, to separation, to the decision to divorce. He has helped me personally through the separation and post divorce. Without Joseph, my personal growth would surely have stalled. I am a work in progress, but will continue the work with the help of Joseph.”

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Love Listens

Love listens, it has no need to control It does not fix It listens with patience, with compassion, with curiosity, strength and courage It knows its own limits and knows when to hold, it holds, and let’s be...  Love listens and knows that taking control steals from...

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The Healing of Upset

"When you slow down one can truly begin to recognize that others or things are not the true source of our distress. Our reaction to others, particularly intimate others, or things is the source of our distress. But, and this is a significant but, others, again...

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“Embracing our emotions, what they are, what they are telling us, what we can do about them, allows us to live with purpose and authenticity.”

– George Fallow

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