Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy

Growing a Loving Partnership; Married or Not

  • Do you and your partner always argue over seemingly trivial matters?
  • Do you or your partner quickly become angry, defensive or attacking?
  • Do worry over having discovered that your spouse is mis-using internet pornography?
  • Do you fret about your inability to reach out to your partner?
  • Do you routinely keep the peace by denying your own needs and wants?
  • Do you attempt sexual intimacy only to be repeatedly rebuffed?
  • Do you fear sharing what scares you?
  • Do you worry that your spouse has/is having an affair?
  • Do you simply want to grow an even stronger bond with your partner?

As a fully certified Emotionally Focused Couples Therapist, Joseph’s emotion focused approach is rooted in Attachment Theory. He assists couples to become fully aware of unrecognized, unshared, connective primary emotions and reactive, disconnecting secondary emotions. He helps spouses, partners, men, and women cultivate greater awareness and acceptance of emotion. With empathic support he will help you develop the ability to communicate primary and secondary emotion in powerful ways that will foster greater security of attachment and increased intimacy with partners, spouses, and others.

Together we’ll work on creating a conscious partnership by;

  • Coming to know yourself & your partner in more emotionally profound ways
  • Staying emotionally engaged and available
  • Expressing your needs clearly and directly and in a way your partner can respond to
  • Defining yourself vs. reacting to how your partner may define you
  • Establishing new positive patterns of communication
  • Creating safe, secure bonds between one another
  • Creating the securely interdependent relationship we thrive in

“We found Joseph and EFT at a time in our marriage that was quite dire. We were fighting regularly, with moments that were completely out of control, and we were generally unhappy in our nearly 10-year relationship. Neither of us felt supported by the other, and we did not know how to either identify, nor ask for, what we needed to make things better. We both knew that we loved each other, but felt unsure that we could actually continue our relationship.

After the first session of EFT with Joseph, we both felt hope. There was a glimmer of softening, an opening of hearts, that allowed us to feel that we could continue the work and see how things went. By the 4th or 5th session, we were beginning to be able to identify our pattern of triggers and subsequent behaviors that were causing us to spiral out of control at times. After about 4 months, we were in a better place in our relationship than we had ever been before. We began to trust each other, support each other, listen to each other, and change our behaviors to avoid the fighting. Most importantly, we were both beginning to learn how to not only identify our true and deep feelings, but also how to share them with each other in a safe place. Each time we connected over these feelings, we could literally feel our hearts and our love grow,

After 9 months, we have officially graduated from our therapy sessions. We are now in a solid and fully committed relationship and have never been happier. We are able to work through any challenge that comes our way, because we now have a strong foundation of love. We cannot thank Joseph enough for his help and support and we would highly recommend his work to anyone.”

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Client Testimonials


“I have known that I’ve always loved you, but now it feel good to be falling in love with you again.”

“Joseph has been a lifesaver to our marriage. We have been able to reconnect as a loving couple through Joseph’s guidance. We are grateful for the support that he has given us.”

”We learned to de-escalate conflicts and identify triggers. We now manage to remain connected and loving even in stressful situations.”

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The three sexiest words in relationship; “Tell me more.”
– author unknown

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