Client Testimonials

Couples Therapy Clients

From Wife:
So very beautiful. I always knew I wanted to do something about us but I didn’t know what to do.  And operating out of my own painful childhood experiences, everything I tried, everything I did was wrong.  My motivation was pure but my actions only exacerbated your pain and drove us further and further apart.  The secret, our secret, to finding our love again was Joseph gently holding me back, teaching me to open and be vulnerable with my fears and my pain so that you could respond with tenderness rather than having to protect yourself from my needful intensity.  Our merit must be so strong, to be together.  I pulled Joseph’s name from a list, not knowing why but only that he “felt” right.  He could not have been more right.”

From Husband:
“Without Joseph, I have no doubt that our marriage would not have lasted. Joseph is alternately warm, compassionate, tough, gently sarcastic, supportive and above all immensely wise and kind. Joseph quickly gets it – he got me right away, and he got my wife. Very skillfully he peeled back the layers of painful childhood experiences that were driving my adult behavior without me knowing it. Do not go to Joseph if all you want is comfort. He will give you that but not stop there. Go to Joseph if you want to really get to the root of the problems you are experiencing, and if you really want to do something about it. In my case, I did not know if I really wanted to do anything about it or not – and he got to the root of that. Fearless, gentle, insistent, and nobody’s fool. That’s Joseph, and he has my hearty thanks for enabling me to recover the original love that brought my wife and me together.”

“This guy can help. Really. Joseph took us back to ground zero in our relationship and guided us to new patterns of connecting. Now, at our most vulnerable moments, we make it through difficult situations and stay connected and loving. (We call these “Joseph moments.”) He really connected with both of us, but brings a special understanding for how afraid most men feel of therapy. He can get to underlying emotions without humiliating either partner. Great sense of empathy and humor, too!”

“I have known that I’ve always loved you, but now it feel good to be falling in love with you again.”

“Joseph has been a lifesaver to our marriage. We have been able to reconnect as a loving couple through Joseph’s guidance. We are grateful for the support that he has given us.”

”We learned to de-escalate conflicts and identify triggers. We now manage to remain connected and loving even in stressful situations.”

“We found Joseph and EFT at a time in our marriage that was quite dire. We were fighting regularly, with moments that were completely out of control, and we were generally unhappy in our nearly 10-year relationship. Neither of us felt supported by the other, and we did not know how to either identify, nor ask for, what we needed to make things better. We both knew that we loved each other, but felt unsure that we could actually continue our relationship.

After the first session of EFT with Joseph, we both felt hope. There was a glimmer of softening, an opening of hearts, that allowed us to feel that we could continue the work and see how things went. By the 4th or 5th session, we were beginning to be able to identify our pattern of triggers and subsequent behaviors that were causing us to spiral out of control at times. After about 4 months, we were in a better place in our relationship than we had ever been before. We began to trust each other, support each other, listen to each other, and change our behaviors to avoid the fighting. Most importantly, we were both beginning to learn how to not only identify our true and deep feelings, but also how to share them with each other in a safe place. Each time we connected over these feelings, we could literally feel our hearts and our love grow,

After 9 months, we have officially graduated from our therapy sessions. We are now in a solid and fully committed relationship and have never been happier. We are able to work through any challenge that comes our way, because we now have a strong foundation of love. We cannot thank Joseph enough for his help and support and we would highly recommend his work to anyone.”


Individual Therapy Clients

“With Joseph’s help I’m emerging from this real period of despair and darkness. I don’t think I even knew how bad things were until it started to get better. I was sort of living in hiding for a long, long time.”

“Joseph is responsive, knowledgeable, experienced and empathic. We got to work fairly quickly, as I was able to feel comfortable talking with him about my personal issues. He asked questions that encouraged a deeper exploration of how I think and feel about my problems, and myself, providing me a clearer understanding of myself and how I navigate problems. Joseph’s warmth and caring provided a safe place for me to acknowledge my wounded state, and to begin to understand how to heal.”

“Joseph really helped me find my honest self and find the tools to deal with triggers that would set off old reactions. I feel so much stronger and powerful in my authentic feelings about things. I did the very hard work to achieve this with Joseph’s help.”

“Joseph is an excellent listener, gentle, empathetic and insightful. He’s gotten a grasp of my complex situation rapidly. He is helping me experience things in a different way for the first time and is great about taking feedback. We have built a lot of trust in a short time — I look forward to working with him further and see great potential!”

“The purpose for my first meeting with Joseph was to possibly gain some clarity in a relationship situation. Ultimately, through the time spent with him, I discovered that I actually needed to gain clarity about myself first. Joseph helped me to discover that I am a unique and individual person, and have the right to think and feel the way that I do. I have learned to trust myself more. Through knowing myself better, I can now go forward to put positive actions toward my future.”

Men in Transition & Mature Masculinity Clients

“My wife and I came to Joseph broken and falling apart. I learned from Joseph that most of my strategy when in conflict with my wife was to try and win the battle. He helped both of us see that strategy was not working for either of us. But he really helped me slow down my immediate reactions. He taught me how to talk to my wife from the deeper emotion that I was feeling in the moment instead of from the anger cycle that I (we) learned from our childhood and life experiences. We really got tangled up in that cycle.  For me it was a truly new way of thinking. To be honest it was a new way of feeling my own emotion and hearing my wives. We now practice this way of being more emotionally honest in our relationship. Doing so has made our connection deeper and more meaningful. This new way of relating is even working between me and my step-son. It was hard work at first, but it is really paying off. “

“Joseph Losi knew how to help me. The minute I met him I knew I met someone I could open up to and solve my problems with. Joseph helped me put things into a constructive perspective. I’m a much happier man now that I’ve worked with him.”

“Your guidance has been a life changer.”

“When I first came to work with Joseph I was lost, depressed and overwhelmed by life. We slowly dug into and oncovered some of my false beliefs that were prompting bad behaviors, thoughts and feelings. He helped me know that I didn’t have to run from those feelings, and just stayed with me as I came to know that I could feel my way out of a pretty wicked depression. Now I’m not waking up with anxiety and depression. I now feel unburdened and can more easily address challenge, both in my personal and professional life.”

“I just wanted to say how much I value our talks. You give me thoughts that stay with me and that I think about for a very long time after our sessions.

There’s been a lot of positive change in my life over these last 2 years — you have helped lead me to a much healthier way of thinking, acting, and being that has led to very positive changes.”

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“You don’t have to change. You just have to become aware.”
– Anthony DeMello

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