Client Testimonials

Couples Therapy Clients

“My wife and I came to Joseph broken and falling apart. I learned that most of my strategy when in conflict with my wife was to try and win the battle. He helped both of us see that strategy was not working for either of us. But he really helped me slow down my immediate reactions. He taught me how to talk to my wife from the deeper emotion that I was feeling in the moment instead of from the anger cycle that I (we) learned from our childhood and life experiences….We now practice this way of being more emotionally honest in our relationship. Doing so has made our connection deeper and more meaningful. This new way of relating is even working between me and my step-son. It was hard work at first, but it is really paying off.”

“Without Joseph, I have no doubt that our marriage would not have lasted. Joseph is alternately warm, compassionate, tough, gently sarcastic, supportive and above all immensely wise and kind. Joseph quickly gets it – he got me right away, and he got my wife. Very skillfully he peeled back the layers of painful childhood experiences that were driving my adult behavior without me knowing it. Do not go to Joseph if all you want is comfort. He will give you that but not stop there. Go to Joseph if you want to really get to the root of the problems you are experiencing, and if you really want to do something about it.”

“The secret, our secret, to finding our love again was Joseph gently holding me back, teaching me to open and be vulnerable with my fears and my pain so that [my husband] could respond with tenderness rather than having to protect himself from my needful intensity. I pulled Joseph’s name from a list, not knowing why but only that he ‘felt’ right. He could not have been more right.”

Individual Therapy Clients

“When I first came to work with Joseph I was lost, depressed and overwhelmed by life. We slowly dug into and uncovered some of my false beliefs that were prompting bad behaviors, thoughts and feelings. He helped me know that I didn’t have to run from those feelings, and just stayed with me as I came to know that I could feel my way out of a pretty wicked depression. Now I’m not waking up without anxiety and depression. I now feel unburdened and can more easily address challenge, both in my personal and professional life.”

“I found out I am unique, complex and very imperfect and that is okay.”

“I grew up in a world constantly full of physical and emotional danger. I learned how to disappear to protect myself. My work with you has been very very difficult, gut wrenching. We went into very dark places. I had to. I had to learn that I could go into that fire and still survive. I know this will be life-long work for me. But now I have the feeling in me that I am a valuable person and that I will be ok.”

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By Joseph Losi, Certified Emotionally Focused Therapist and relationship coach  © Joseph Losi, 2022, Communication that positively connects us to others is central to healthy, fulfilling relationships of all kinds. Humans are inherently social...

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The Gift of Fathering…..

The Gift of Fathering…..

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Love Listens

Love listens, it has no need to control It does not fix It listens with patience, with compassion, with curiosity, strength and courage It knows its own limits and knows when to hold, it holds, and let’s be...  Love listens and knows that taking control steals from...

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“You don’t have to change. You just have to become aware.”
– Anthony DeMello

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