Divorce Coaching/Discernment Counseling

Divorce Coaching:

To Divorce…or Not?

Are you wondering if your marriage can be saved or if it is best to move on? I can help you and your spouse come to an answer through Discernment Counseling.

Discernment Counseling:

  • Is not solely focused on saving a marriage.
  • Gives each member of the couple the opportunity to meet in one-on-one sessions to share feelings separately.
  • Clarifies the direction of your marriage

Discernment sessions allow each member of a couple the time and space to deeply explore the full scope of their often confusing thoughts and emotions. Sessions are tailored to your needs. These sessions are typically structured to give each member ample solo time to express their thoughts, perceptions, emotions and behaviors. Discernment sessions can run anywhere from fifty to seventy five minutes of one on one time. They can also be structured to provide both solo time followed by time together in ninety minute sessions. No one format is a given. The best approach will evolve as more is shared and learned.

Finding the most effective route for a good divorce.

When a decision is made to divorce, I help couples understand the best possible route forward to a good divorce, which may be mediation, collaborative divorce, or a traditional divorce process. Working with an extensive referral base of family law professionals, attorneys, mediators, financial and mortgage specialists and child mental health professionals as a member of King County Collaborative Law I can direct an individual or couple to the services most closely aligned to their individual needs.

Learning the skills to de-couple effectively.

Although getting divorced can be a battle for many couples, it does not have to be for you and your spouse. Less acrimony is better for your future life, especially if there are children involved. I help divorcing couples learn the communication and negotiation skills needed to de-couple effectively, including:

  • Developing more cooperative relations.
  • Avoiding being triggered by a divorcing or ex-spouse.
  • More effectively negotiating emotionally laden topics.
  • Being an effective parent while not being a married partner.
  • Discerning your role in creating difficult interactions.
  • Understanding how that role was created & how to alter it.
  • Avoiding co-parenting no no’s.
  • Effectively communicating with your children.

I also help couples construct viable co-parenting plans. Co-parenting plans can save time and legal expense when filing final parenting plans with the Family Law Court.

What Divorce Support Professionals Say:

David Stricklin: Owner, Legal Solutions, LLC

“Joseph has worked with a number of my clients and has always provided them meaningful input and counsel about the choices they are making and the goals they have for their lives.”

Steve Elde: Pastoral Care Associate, University Presbyterian Church

“With his insights and his understanding of how people react to emotions in relationships, Joseph has brought truth, love and freedom to people in our divorce recovery workshops. He brings an authentic compassion into every relationship.”

Debra Synovec: Owner, Mediation Services

“Joseph is a person who is dedicated to his profession as a counselor and has established himself as a knowledgeable therapist, and Divorce Coach. Joseph is easy to like and willing to assist anyone who comes to him seeking help.”

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Client Testimonials


I cannot thank you enough for your wise and compassionate guidance. Had we not done a lot of the heavy lifting in your office, the divorce process would have been much more painful, lengthy and expensive.

Once you file for divorce, the clock starts ticking. Having to deal with moving, grieving children, preparing the parental plan all at once is overwhelming. By coming to you first we were able to get a head start on our issues and fight less during the divorce process.

While I did have an attorney peering over my shoulder as needed, my now ex-husband and I negotiated everything ourselves without the need for further mediation or legal intervention. I am not saying our process would have worked for any divorcing couple, but in hindsight, I am so glad that we proceeded the way we did.

You helped us by:

1. Guiding us through the acceptance of the divorce and separation.

2. Helping us create a parental plan that focused on the well-being of our children.

3. Giving us an excellent book recommendation, “The Co-Parenting Handbook.”

After working with you, my husband and I were able to separate amicably. We were also able to test run the parental plan which worked out fine and in final form was accepted by the Family Law Court.

Thank you for helping us discern and commit to a respectful and amicable pathway to the dissolution of our marriage.”

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“Our work is not getting to the light at the end of the tunnel. Our work is being with our fear in the tunnel and not bolting.”
– Joseph Losi

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