Mature Masculinity

Awakening a stronger, more powerful kind of masculinity

Do you:

  • Wonder why you get angry so easily?
  • Find yourself spending more and more time alone?
  • Repeatedly come up against the same barriers in your life or career?
  • Find it difficult to trust others or connect on emotional levels?
  • Have difficulty parenting your children?
  • Struggle to stay faithful to your wife or partner?
  • Increasingly fight with your wife or partner?
  • Find yourself looking at Internet porn more frequently?
  • Question your role in your family?
  • Feel anxious, depressed or alone?

If you answer yes to any of these, you are not alone.

My work with men is grounded in my ultimate belief that you are completely capable of coming to know all the emotions that have been driving the behavior that may be handicapping your life. As you become more aware of your emotions you will begin to grow the self-acceptance that not only positively affects you, but also reverberates among all the people you come in contact with. Your relationships will become more authentic, honest, attractive and rewarding.

This work is not about being nicer to others; it is about becoming more emotionally aware, less reactive and more in-control of your innate masculine power – your innate individual power. You have a power within you to be who you are, not who society, culture, religion, your father, mother, other men or women told you you should be. Coming into a greater understanding and awareness of the limiting messages passed down to us by parents, community and society is the first step toward unlocking your true potential and living a more satisfying life. This work can be challenging but the rewards it produces will positively affect every aspect of your life and relationships.

Men face a distinct set of challenges that put them at risk. Despite the fact that men enjoy greater economic and social status in our culture we, along with our sons, are at greater risk than women for a host of chronic illnesses. Most men have been told the manly thing to do is to buck up, keep your head down, don’t be a wimp, and move on! Without doubt there are times when staying focused on a task and pushing forward can be a truly masculine strength. But there are times when this strategy can actually harm you, your wife, partner, children, friends, co-workers or your community. This time honored vision of masculinity may actually be the source of your discomfort.

Male therapists offer a unique perspective. If you answered yes to one or more of the questions above and have been mulling over seeing a therapist, you’ll likely find working with a male counselor a significant asset. Male therapists are able to share and deeply understand the experience of what it is to be a man in today’s world, just as female therapists have special knowledge of the issues women face.


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Client Testimonials


“I reached out to Joseph for help with my relationship with my daughter before she left for college. I never expected the profound change that occurred after only a handful of sessions — each of us individually with Joseph for one session and together for two. Joseph has given me tools to show up and really listen to her. The impact on my father-daughter relationship has extended to others as well.”

“Joseph thank you for showing me how to turn my criticism into feeling my emotions with a deeper clarity… this has allowed me and [my wife] to experience love instead of our life’s reoccurring pain… i truly believe you are gifted and clairvoyant… i felt your dedication to this work early on… you have been an example for me to see, experience and learn…. I know my world is not fixed and I’m only just starting to learn to engage my emotions differently… I want to share how impressed, surprised and thankful by your help and for coming to know you…”
– E.

“I just wanted to say how much I value our talks. You give me thoughts that stay with me and that I think about for a very long time after our sessions.

There’s been a lot of positive change in my life over these last 2 years — you have helped lead me to a much healthier way of thinking, acting, and being that has led to very positive changes.”

“My wife and I came to Joseph broken and falling apart. I learned from Joseph that most of my strategy when in conflict with my wife was to try and win the battle. He helped both of us see that strategy was not working for either of us. But he really helped me slow down my immediate reactions. He taught me how to talk to my wife from the deeper emotion that I was feeling in the moment instead of from the anger cycle that I (we) learned from our childhood and life experiences. We really got tangled up in that cycle.  For me it was a truly new way of thinking. To be honest it was a new way of feeling my own emotion and hearing my wives. We now practice this way of being more emotionally honest in our relationship. Doing so has made our connection deeper and more meaningful. This new way of relating is even working between me and my step-son. It was hard work at first, but it is really paying off.

“Joseph Losi knew how to help me. The minute I met him I knew I met someone I could open up to and solve my problems with. Joseph helped me put things into a constructive perspective. I’m a much happier man now that I’ve worked with him.”

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A man can not be intimate with others until he establishes an intimacy with his own heart.”
– Terrance Real

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