With tears in her eyes…weeping….weeping….my female client pointedly tells the mother she has energetically brought in our session, “I do not forgive you,  I do not forgive you. I am not ready to forgive you. You are you who are, but you hurt me, you hurt me! You did not see me. I went to others to feel love. You hurt me. I wanted your love. I did not feel it. Now I must forgive myself before I forgive you!”

Unblocking deeply held emotions can and often is a difficult, sometime even physically painful experience. Our bodies tighten against the powerful perceptions imbedded in us over decades of invalidation, judgement, emotional abuse and/or neglect. As humans we crave secure, safe bonding experiences. Locking away our most human of all needs, security, binds us to the past. Unlocking and unblocking buried emotion is a powerful step toward the validation we need for self and from other.


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